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Book Your Move With Us and We'll Deliver Your Supplies For FREE!

Packing Is A Daunting Task, Why Not Let The Pro's Do It?

Why Use Us For Packing?

  1. Best deals on packing supplies in Flagstaff (that's right, we beat Home Depot and Uhaul)!

  2. ​No need to go buy anything on your own, we will bring it all!

  3. Carefully wrap and box all your breakable belongings!

  4. Protect and secure any furniture to make it travel worthy!

Services We Offer: 

  1. Full service - We bring packing supplies and pack up your house or certain rooms for you!

  2. Half/Half - We bring you packing supplies and you pack yourself and we finish up or get you started!

  3. Just a Few Things - If you already have your supplies and just need an extra tv box or wardrobe box etc., let us know and we'll bring it on move day!

We are thrilled to announce that we now provide our own packing materials at the most competitive prices in Flagstaff! We understand that cost is a crucial factor in your decision making process which is why Flag Moving strives to give you the best value for your money! Whether you prefer us to handle the packing process or you'd like to do it yourself, we have you covered. You can choose to have our expert team pack your items efficiently, or if you prefer a DIY approach, we provide all the necessary materials along with free delivery, giving you the freedom to pack at your convenience. Booking a move with us and are comfortable packing your own belongings but would still like to purchase supplies at the best rates in Flagstaff? Give us a call or purchase them using the link below and we will deliver them in advance right to your doorstep for FREE!  We ask that your home is cleaned and prepared for movers. Our job is to prepare your belongings for transportation, so please do the rest before our team arrives. Often pack moves take longer than expected, if you would like to get a more accurate estimation of your pack-move, feel free to call us and we will happily set up a time for us to stop by your home and get you a quote.

Email Us To Get Your Packing Supplies Now!

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