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When booking a local move we take a $100 deposit to solidify your move date on our calendar. For all long distance moves, such as Phoenix for example, we require a 50% deposit prior to your move date to serve the same purpose. This deposit is fully refundable any time outside of two weeks from your move date. Once within the two-week range, the deposit becomes non-refundable. If move dates need to change and we can accommodate your schedule needs, your deposit does move with you.

Heavy Item Fee

We charge an additional fee for items in the weight class of gun safes or pianos. This fee is a bonus that goes directly to our movers to help incentivize the heavy lifting required. If your move does have a particularly heavy piece, be sure to disclose that prior to your move so we can be properly equipped for you specific job.

Mattress Bags

All mattresses must be in a mattress bag to be handled and transported by our team. You can purchase mattress bags from us or you can provide your own. This policy protects the cleanliness of your belongings as well as the health of our valued employees.

Credit Card Fees

We have tried to make payment as easy for our customers as we can. We gladly accept cash, check, or card as valid forms of payment. Currently, there is a third party 3.5% processing fee applied to all transactions. However, this card processing fee is waived for all $100 credit card deposits.

Particle Board Furniture

If furniture made of particle board is still assembled when we’re moving it, it is not eligible for a damage claim. Particle board pieces are great when in your home and being used as intended; However, these are not built to be carried and loaded. Disassembling particle board furniture before we arrive is the best practice to ensure your pieces make it safely to your new home

Damage Claims

Our goal is to make sure all of your belongings make it to your new home in the exact same condition in which they left. However, if you do have a piece that you believe was damaged by us during your move, please reach out to our office to fill out a damage claim. All damage claims must be filed withing 10 days of your move in order to be considered for restitution.

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